Regardless of the day of the week or the occasion you are celebrating, Fort Brands has an incredible collection of men’s shirts that you love to wear. Whether you are in the market for something casual to wear while fishing or something a little fancier, Fort Brands has you covered.  Choose from brands like Carhartt®, Wrangler® and many others to find the perfect top you are looking for. Find your inner cowboy today!

Jeans & Pants

Finding a pair of pants that are not only flattering but also comfortable can be a struggle. We understand that having the right fit of jeans is important at Fort Brands which is why we offer a large selection of men’s jeans and slacks so that you have plenty of options. Whether you prefer a relaxed fit or something a little tighter, Fort Brands’ collection of pants is sure to impress!


Fort Brands wants you to have western wear that you can sport all year round, even in those cold winter months. We offer men’s outerwear that is not only sure to keep you warm but will also allow you to work or play outdoors while doing so. Our collection of jackets and vests has much variety so that no matter what your style, Fort Brands can provide you with something you are sure to love wearing.


If you spend the majority of your time outside during the day and do not think your Fort Brands jacket will be able to keep you as warm as you would like, you may want to try out our top of the line underwear. We offer thermal tops and bottoms as well as union onesies to ensure you are as toasty as possible while out and about in the winter frost. With brands like Carhartt® and Polar King by King® these underwear are sure to last you this winter and beyond!


For the odds and ends that ever western man needs, we have an enormous accessories selection. Are you looking for a wallet, belt, or any other miscellaneous western apparel? Fort Brands carries over 500 different western accessories for men, any of which would make a great birthday or anniversary gift for that special cowboy in your life!

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