Bridal Boot Options

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There’s an awful lot to love about weddings, but one of the best aspects of them is the chance for the bride and groom to show off their style. Wedding with Western themes have been around for a long time, and it’s no wonder why. It’s a great way to celebrate the spirit of family, independence, and freedom that the West is all about.

One trend that has stuck around, for good reason, is that of the bridal cowboy boot. But since there are so many kinds and styles of boots, today’s bride has multiple options. Keep reading for 5 distinctive choices a modern bride has to show off her distinctive style on the big day.

  1. We all know the old phrase of, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” when it comes to what the bride is wearing. Boots that have blue accents or are completely blue can be a fun way to honor that tradition. The shade of blue can be as strong or as soft as you like.

  2. Maybe you want to play up the romantic aspects of your wedding day? No problem! Boots with elegant embellishments can be country and classy. You can also look at lightly colored boots in white, pink, or light cream.

  3. Many of us like to pump up the fun and festive aspects of the wedding. It is basically a party celebrating your union, right? Fun designs on boots like either multicolored glitter, or gold and silver designs can make things pop.

  4. If you’re in the military, marrying someone in the service, or your wedding date is on a patriotic day like the Fourth of July, there are a wide variety of red, white, and blue boots that show off your love of country with style.

  5. Some brides look at the wedding as a great opportunity to not only express her love of her husband, but also her love of God. Christian themed boots can do just that, plus there are matching designs to compliment the couple.



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